REvil a.k.a Sodinokibi was a Russia-based Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operation.

REvil , the ransomware gang has been taken down by the officials of the Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) on Friday. The FSB stated that they arrested several members of the gang by conducting raids.

It was a surprise operation conducted in a US-Russia collaboration amidst all the tensions between…


DarkSide is a new ransomware strain that malicious actors have been targeting different large-sized firms resulting in theft of sensitive information and threats to make it (publicly) accessible if the ransom demand is not paid. They are a variant of a transnational organized crime group.

The U.S. offers 10 million$…

“Control the things you can control”

Service Organization Control 1(SOC 1) is for firms that handle (financial) information for their customers like service firms.

The SOC(1) assures that the financial information stored by the firm is managed safely and properly.

This ensures clients that a firm has the capacity and the controls to safeguard their information.


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